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The Mayans have predicted the end of the world will come on December 21, 2012.  We’ll see about that, but the Artpocalypse is coming!  Join us December 21st  starting at 7PM at The Dunes in Columbia Heights to celebrate our final moments on earth while taking in an incredible art show with work inspired by the Apocalypse.  I’ll be one of several DC artists participating in the event.  Go to to find out more about the artists and work in the show.

The End of Beaker?

The End of Beaker?

My painting, “The End of Beaker?”, shows Beaker surrounded by doom and destruction as the Angels of the Apocalypse descend upon him. Heaven, nature, epic technological failures and space aliens are against him. The irony is, Beaker always thought that it would be zombies that got him in the end.

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About Me?

Who doesn't love Beaker? I started painting in 2009 as a student of DC artist, Dana Ellyn. After experimenting with different painting subjects, I found a fondness for toys. After realizing I had tons of photos documenting my travels with a Beaker finger puppet, I started to paint Beaker. The rest is history. I hope you enjoy my art. Beaker is my muse.